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R2 Learn

Resources to educate entrepreneurs and public safety on the unique challenges and opportunities of the public safety markets.

R2 Portal

An online solution innovators and departments can use to source, vet and commercialize or deploy new technology.

R2 Connect

In-person and virtual events to bring together the community to share, learn and adopt best practices and new technology.


The R2 Network is a free-to-use, self-sustaining platform that serves the entire public safety community. It brings the industry together for a common goal – to support innovators and agencies in empowering first responders with the resources they need to stay safe while protecting their communities.

Built by industry experts, this platform enables the creation of a strategic nationwide network of organizations working to address disaster response and resiliency (R2) challenges with transformative technologies.

As part of the Accelerate R2 Network Challenge, this initiative is supported by the Economic Development Administration, in collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Public Safety Communications Research division and the First Responder Network Authority.

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The R2 Network is backed by public-private partnerships with equal representation from critical stakeholders within the public safety innovation ecosystem. Our diverse team has extensive experience building and scaling mission critical technology in the public safety space. With the goal of building long-term value, we aim to bridge capability gaps for all players in the industry.

What is the R2 Network?

Linking pioneers and innovators in the public safety ecosystem.

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