The Missing Link for Home Security:

Who is RapidSOS?

We’ve developed the world’s first Emergency Response Data Platform, sharing data from over 350 million connected devices with 911 to offer families unprecedented safety features and protection. RapidSOS is trusted in 911 centers nationwide, with more than 4,700 using the platform, covering over 90 percent of the US population. We work with some of the world’s top tech companies and nonprofit organizations to revolutionize emergency response.

T R U S T E D  B Y  I N D U S T R Y  L E A D E R S

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In this ebook, we explore:
– The latest advances in home security technology
– The data gap between alarm systems and first responders
– How direct data connections to 911 can save time and protect lives

Exploring the Data Gap between 911 and Home Security and Opportunities for Innovation